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MoU between Sweden and Singapore – an enabler for new bilateral initiatives

A new Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Sweden and Singapore. This opens up for new collaboration and has the potential of adding to the international dynamics of Drive Sweden. During the Drive Sweden Forum both Sweden and Singapore addressed this door-opener that Drive Sweden helped trigger.
Wee Shann Lam and Christer Löfving at the Drive Sweden Forum.

The MoU outlines collaboration on automated vehicles, transport policy and planning, environmentally sustainable transports, new and emerging mobility, inclusive transport, traffic and congestion management and cyber security. But it also states that there is no limit to the topics they can dig in to.

The MoU was signed by the Swedish Transport Administration and the Land Transport Authority in Singapore and both parties see a lot of potential in the mutual work on mobility and transportation issues between the two nations.

“We believe that Singapore is one of the world leaders of the transformation of the mobility system. They have a holistic approach and large-scale demonstrators and we hope that we can grow stronger and learn from each other.” said Christer Löfving, strategist at the Swedish Transport Administration, during the recent Drive Sweden Forum.

“Sweden is very innovative and are looking at policies and how you can jam these two things together. This is an area in which we can work together and where we have a similar scope. For us it is also important to recognize that there are very good partners out there who could give us different views helping our decision-making grow more robust.” said Wee Shann Lam, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer at Land Transport Authority in Singapore.

The MoU will offer different arenas of collaboration, like seminars, workshops, visits and other kinds of knowledge-sharing.

Drive Sweden is proud to have been a part of this process and is looking forward to the new possibilities that come with the new MoU. Our involvement is also reflecting our internationalization, where we actively seek new collaboration with cutting-edge partners and closely follow the developments on key markets.

See Christer Löfving and Wee Shann Lam discuss the MoU at the Drive Sweden Forum here

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