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About Drive Sweden

Drive Sweden is working for a vision where Sweden takes a leading role in creating future mobility systems for people and goods that are sustainable, safe and accessible for all. To help the vision become a reality we drive the development towards sustainable mobility solutions by creating and demonstrating efficient, connected, shared and automated transport system solutions.

A few years ago, the Swedish government established a new instrument for addressing complex areas with huge potential to come up with sustainable solutions to challenges in our society, but – at the same time – requiring close cooperation among several stakeholders to succeed. Both these criteria apply perfectly to the opportunities and challenges with the next generation mobility system for people and goods, and in 2015 Drive Sweden was awarded a contract to address this domain as one of seventeen such Strategic Innovation Programs, (SIP). Drive Sweden is currently in the fifth year of an expected total duration of 12 years, and with a considerable governmental co-funding behind it. 

The SIPs are funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Innovation Agency, the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency. Drive Sweden is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park AB.

Every three years, the financiers carry out an evaluation of the strategic innovation programs. 2018 was the time for the first evaluation of Drive Sweden, together with Medtech4Health, InfraSweden2030, RE:Source and Smart Built Environment. On November 30, the evaluation was published, focusing on the establishment of the programs.

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Drive Sweden's goal is to through collaboration create the conditions for, and demonstrate, new mobility solutions for people and goods made possible by a connected, automated and shared road transport system.

The purpose of this is to create a more sustainable society and by that contributing to goals within the field of transport policy.

In order to make this happen, there is a need for cross-sectoral work between industry, society and academia. Today, Drive Sweden has about 150 partners who together contribute to Drive Sweden's goals.

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Drive Sweden Outlook

Drive Sweden has developed an outlook that shows what we want to jointly achieve within our partnership until 2030. 

In order to reach our vision for a connected, autonomous, and shared mobility; a number of intermediary steps are necessary. Efforts in vehicle, mobility services and transport system research will be undertaken in an integrated manner that guarantees that Sweden’s mobility of the future will be sustainable, safe, efficient, while also being attractive. In the coming years, this plan will be updated regularly as we follow up on our achievements.

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Sofie Vennersten, Program Director Drive Sweden, +46 (0)72-536 97 95,